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Fantastic Radio Controlled Airplanes

Radio controlled airplanes to please beginners, professionals, and even the most seasoned flyers are available now at Plane Nutz RC in Candor, North Carolina. Choose from the leading manufacturers and trusted RC brands when you browse our selection. Indoor and medium-sized outdoor quad copters are also available. 

Dynamic Planes

Fuel up or charge up with RC planes of every kind. At Plane Nutz RC, we carry electric, glow fuel, and gasoline-fueled airplanes. Glow fuel planes come in two or four-stroke varieties. If you prefer a gasoline plane, we carry two-stoke RC planes.

Electric Model Plane - Radio Controlled Airplanes

Convenient Stock

With "ready to fly" RC planes, getting in the air is easy. Everything you need comes in one box, including the transmitter. Alternatively, choose our "bind and fly" box, which comes with everything except the transmitter. Craftier hobbyists enjoy our "almost ready to fly" kits, which require some assembly, and our affectionately termed "box of wood" kits, which require complete assembly.
Most of these come with blueprints, and no tools.

Contact us today to find the perfect radio controlled airplanes for you or a loved one.